November 15, 2023
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin

Raising Capital Summit 


November 15, 2023
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin


Most entrepreneurs understand that if the fundamentals of a business idea – the management team, the market opportunities, the operating systems and controls – are all sound, then chances are there’s money out there. The challenge of landing that capital to grow a company can be exhilarating. But as exciting as the money search may be, it is equally threatening. Built into the process are certain harsh realities that can seriously damage a business. Entrepreneurs cannot escape them but, by knowing what they are, can at least prepare for them.

The Raising Capital Summit 2023 hosted by the Business Post and iQuest, will bring together founders and investors to discuss the outlook for investment in Irish companies in a climate of global economic uncertainty and the on-going geo-political crisis in Eastern Europe. It provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to hear from the investment community on how this impacts their chances of gaining access to capital.

The Summit is designed to boost your knowledge of capital raising options in the current climate, helping you make the right connections, discuss funding options and future growth pathways. It will explore how organisations can secure capital in a competitive landscape and outline the funding options and initiatives available to fund your growth strategy, including private equity, venture capital, debt finance, trade sale or a listing on the stock market. Come along to hear how to prepare yourself for the funding process so you don’t end up with a poorly structured deal or an inefficient search for capital.

The process of raising capital can be both costly and stressful, and can drag on for months as interested investors engage in due diligence examinations of the founder and the proposed business. Although money drives your fund-raising effort, it is not the only thing potential financial partners have to offer however. Other considerations such as whether the partner has experience in the industry, contacts with potential suppliers or customers, and a good reputation should not be overlooked.

The Summit will provide practical insights on the importance of understanding what success would look like for your business as this will dictate the type of funding and where it comes from, finding the right partner, how to structure the deal and bringing businesses to IPO.

  • What are the barriers to scaling your company domestically?
  • What type of companies are attracting investment?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing tech start-ups?
  • Do new businesses set up by women meet old biases when raising funds? We hear from some investors who are trying to change that!

It will feature Spotlight Sessions and Case Studies from CEOs/Founders who have successfully raised different types of funding for companies both big and small. You will hear about angel investors, crowd funding options, debt raising, venture debt and more. So whether you are at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey or the CEO of an established business come along to get advice and guidance from experienced investors on how to get your business off the ground, expand or transform it.

Our expert speakers will discuss how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns are an increasingly important element of any fundraising decision and how recruitment slowdowns and hiring freezes by big international tech companies is impacting global and local markets. How important is it to have a climate action plan for your start-up?

If you are an investor eager to meet companies poised for growth or a founder trying to understand what funding you can get access to in the current climate, then come along to Croke Park on 15 November and  learn how to take your business to the next level of your entrepreneurial journey.

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